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Science & Facts

I am aromatherapy to go!

What is VitaCig® flavor waters.

The science behind the VitaCig was created by Dr. Khary Bryan, and first launched back in 2014. VitaCig is the first and original electronic vitamin and essential oil diffuser brought to market.
In our sleek and stylish designed VitaCig® flavor waters device we united natural essential oils, plant extracts and flavors to create the world’s first electronic aromatherapy device to go!

The VitaCig® device is designed to deliver the vapor of vitamins A,B,C,E, Coenzyme Q10, terpenes, and phytonutrients via direct inhalation. It uses water vaporization technology to deliver refreshing flavored water vapors created from vitamins and therapeutic essential oils. As the bearing liquid vaporizes at just 60 degrees, it allows for the preservation of a small amount of the vitamin absorbed via the mucus membrane of the oral cavity.

Phytonutrients and terpenes are compounds found in plants.” Says Dr. Khary.  Take for instance the Boisterous Berry flavor.  It is a combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoenzymeQ10, and B-Myrcene.  In order to add the Berry flavor to it, they add blueberry and black currant extracts so that the vapor has an enjoyable, all natural flavor.  Each flavor has its own unique combination of vitamin supplements and flavored vapor to go along with its appropriate name. Because the nutritional supplement does not need to pass through the digestive tract and enters directly into the bloodstream, you need a lot smaller dose of the nutritional supplement in order to get the same desired effect as if you were to take it orally.

What makes VitaCig so special? 

The air we breathe is our greatest gift. It not only gives us life, but, creates the life we want to live. Therefore, we are committed to using only the finest and purest of ingredients, and manufacturing standards.Guided by the latest inhalation technology, scientific knowledge and highest industry standards, we present to you, The VitaCig!

The VitaCig® flavor waters standard:

• 100% natural essential oils, extracts, and ingredients
• 100% formula designed in U.S.A.
• By steam distillation recovered, inhalable essential oils
• Ingredients in pharmaceutical grade, no residual materials as for example in the purity of food case
• No chemicals, artificial flavors, fillers or additives
• No nicotine, no burns
• No diacetyl, no formaldehyde, MaxVG proprietary formula


Aromatherapeutic effect

Certain ingredients of VitaCig® flavor waters were designed to have aromatherapeutic effects. If you are holding a VitaCig, you hold the key to the ancient wisdom of well-being in your hand. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest holistic healing arts of mankind. Certain aromas trigger chemical and even physical reactions.
A little tip for optimal aroma therapeutic effects: Take a small train and breathe the steam slowly and quietly through your nose. In this way the therapeutic air reaches (according to Merriam-Webster’s “therapeutic” first definition: Positive effects on body or mind) the olfactory nerves in the upper nasal passage.  About 6 -8 gentle trains every few hours should be enough for optimal effect.



I am unique

Each VitaCig is unique

Requiring extensive formulating engineering and perfecting!
So that each inhalation provides the perfect amount of flavor, the coil is heated just right and is only activated when it is really needed. All internal components are meticulously assembled by hand. Furthermore we created a unique leak protection, allowing for a much higher effective rate than the industry average. Only with VitaCig® technology can you can find such attention to quality and detail.

By the time each VitaCig® is ready for shipment, more than 30 work steps are required by hand. Every VitaCig® is analyzed by the specialists of our quality control team at critical process steps to ensure when you open your package, your VitaCig® is fully functional, and tastes amazing.

The production of our VitaCig® takes place exclusively in GMP-certified, clinically pure FDA approved cleanrooms, so that we can ensure the absolute purity – before we package for our customers. Each VitaCig® is air-tightly packaged in the same cleanroom under a protective atmosphere, so that no contamination can reach its vicinity.

I am working.

How our VitaCig® works.

The VitaCig is powered by a CE and UL certified recyclable lithium-ion battery.
Drawing on the mouthpiece of the VitaCig®, a vacuum is produced, inhaling health on each train you take. The air intake is registered by a highly sensitive microsensor. This sensor activates the battery for the duration of the vacuum pull. The battery heats a coil at the front end to the optimum temperature for the natural VitaCig® water vapors to gently evaporate. The steam produced in this case diffuses into the rear of the unit, and thus passes directly to you. Just natural ingredients & H2o!

I am Fact

Or How We Change The World!