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About Us

VitaCig® : The Vitamin Vaporizer was created to solve a problem. 

People always ask, what is VitaCig and why did Team Vita Create it.  

The Problem : The diffusing and vaping markets have exploded in recent years.  The problem is that most people do not understand "exactly" what they are diffusing and vaping.  More importantly, people assume that if the FDA approves a chemical "GRAS" for one specific use, that is safe to use these chemicals in other products and for other reasons.  

Example : FDA approves a synthetic scent molecule for beverages.  Well, this does not mean that you can add this flavor to a vaporizer-juice, heat it between 400 - 900 degrees, and inhale it into your soft lung tissue.  

This ignorance and utter lack of care for peoples long-term health is exactly the reason we created our Patent Pending Organic Flavor Waters.  Our Waters are made from Organic Fruits, Flowers, Plants, their Extracts and their Essential Oils.  

  • PG is the most common substance in ecigs and cheap essential oils.  
  • PG has been known to cause health related problems when it is vaporized and inhaled. 
  • 99% of vaping flavors are made with synthetic flavor molecules and other known harmful chemicals.  
  • Most essential oils are made with these same synthetic flavor and scent molecules.  
  • These flavors and scents were designed for the cosmetics and perfume industries.  
  • They were not designed to be heated over 300F and then inhaled dozens of times into soft lung tissue. 
  • Most of these flavors and scents, including 99.9% of the "organic and natural" ones contain something called Diacetyl.
  • Diacetyl, when inhaled is known to rapidly cause several issues including the deadly disease "Popcorn Lung".
  • In May 2016 the FDA decided to regulate these industries, this was because most products on the vaping market are poisonous when heated and inhaled.  

The Solution : The culmination of the things listed above, in addition to the lack of a "real" Organic and Natural Solution to help smokers replace their cigarettes, is what lead Team VitaCig to start the Research & Development to create something new!  Something no one has been able to do.  Create a Smoke-Free, Nicotine-Free, PG-Free and Diacetyl-Free, Organic Product. 

After many failures, we finally cracked the code.  We call it the Holy-Grail of Vaping and Diffusing.  The secret was something that nature has been using forever ...something that makes up over 60% of the human body and over 90% of plants…WATER

Our Patent Pending Waters come straight from Fruits, Flowers and Plants that nature.  

They contain many elements the human body needs to thrive, and more importantly they are heat stable.  They are also things humans have been consuming, diffusing, and inhaling since the dawn of man.  Our goal was to start with nature, and this is where we ended.  Our Waters are so pure you can actually drink them.  

This is where we get our Motto | "If you wouldn't Eat it, then you shouldn't Vape it !" 

Join the revolution - Taste, Learn, and Enjoy!  

Breathe Enhanced Air ...with VitaCig - The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser.  

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Organic Flavor Waters


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